Our Warranty


  • Radon Removal Systems hereby warrants the sub slab mitigation system that has been installed at Address, Town, ME shall be free of defective materials and workmanship for a period of Five (5) years. The fan must be kept running 24/7 for this warranty to remain in effect.
  • Radon Removal Systems further warrants the ability of this system to maintain radon gas levels at or below the State of Maine Target of 4.0 pCi/L so long as the system is not subjected to stresses or uses for which it was not designed; and provided that no additions, amendments, or alterations are made to the system itself, or the foundation of the structure for which it was designed for a period of Five (5) years.If any portion of this system was pre-installed by a party other than Radon Removal Systems, that portion of the system and workmanship, having to do with that portion of the system, will not be covered under this warranty.

    Purchase and placement of all subsequent tests shall be the responsibility of the homeowner. Bi-yearly testing is recommended by the State of Maine.

  • It is understood that the mitigation fan utilized by the system is subject to a five (5) year manufacturer’s warranty. If the fan is found to be defective within the warranty period Radon Removal Systems will replace the fan per owner’s request. A service (trip) fee will be applied. Replacement and installation of the fan where the manufacturer’s warranty has expired will be a billable item, and the responsibility of the owner.

  • This warranty and corresponding fan warranty will be fully transferable upon the sale of the above-mentioned property.