Our Mission

Our Mission

Since we began in the radon business in 1986 our mission has been quite simple. To provide the most effective, reliable, and affordable remediation available given the current technologies and the nature of the problem; and to provide guidance and assistance to any individuals who want to reduce or remove radon from their home.

Our goal is to use our experience in residential ventilation to provide the service and products which will help ensure the health of the homes and the families we serve by controlling soil gas infiltration, moisture, and ventilation.

Because we came to the radon industry as workers, you should understand that we are not scientists, or doctors, or gurus about radon health risks or physics. We have tried very hard through the past 25 years to come to conclusions about all of the information that has come out about radon and the healthy home environment.

We have worked to stay abreast of the latest education and research in our field, and to find and utilize the most appropriate remedies for managing the indoor environment

Ultimately however we are people who take a lot of pride from doing the job that we do. We know an awful lot more about buildings and foundations than we do about physics.

The interesting links section of this page will help you get in touch with the science that is available on the web. If you are reading this page you have probably just found out that you have a radon problem. We would suggest that you take the time to read through several pages and form your own opinions based on the expert testimony.