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One of the great things about the web is the tremendous amount of information that is out there about just about anything. Radon is no exception. Here are a number of places that we think provide good information. We suggest that you read the materials carefully, keeping in mind the source and their various perspectives and agendas.


The Consumers Guide to Radon- The ultimate primer on Radon and its removal. Always a good place to start.

 AARST Radon Health Risk Position Paper - AARST is the professional trade group for members of the radon industry. Their risk assessment paper is a comprehensive statement of how the industry views the problem

The Virtual Hospital Radon Occurrence and Risk - An interesting site for all sorts of health concerns and information that is presented from a physicians perspective

The Virtual Hospital Radon Occurrence and Risk a fairly recent and comprehensive study done on women in Iowa comparing radon statistics on a group of 400+ women diagnosed with cancer and a control group of more than some 600

Canadian Environmental Advisory Agency Home Page - a complete web course on radiation of all kinds in section A, and good perspectives on radon and health risks in section B

The Linear Low Dose Theory of Carcinogenesis - This paper presented at the 1998 Uranium Institute's international symposium discusses the origin and validity of the Risk assessment model.

BEIR IV-the EPA's Risk Statement - This document is more or less the bible of radon risk as it has been assessed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mitigation Systems and Contractors:

Citizen's Guide to Radon - A quick overview on the radon issue - getting testing done at your home, and selecting a certified contractor Home

Standards and Techniques for Building the Radon Resistant This booklet from the EPA is primarily designed to guide the owner through the process of having their new home built. It provides guidelines that can be passed on to the contractor and awareness

Building Radon Out: a step by step guide - This is the booklet designed for contractors and homebuilders. A detailed 84 page file on the nuts and bolts of radon conscious design. Requires "Acrobat Reader" to access.

The Home Buyers Guide - Buying a home tends to make radon a more important concern. This pamphlet provided an overview and some guidance in finding the right people to assess the problem.


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