Radon Removal Systems - Maine's First Choice in Radon Mitigation Since 1986!         

Radon Removal Systems is a family owned business that has been providing radon mitigation to families, homes, and business for more than 24 years. Throughout that time we have worked to insure that our systems meet or exceed the mitigation standards that are set by the various regulatory bodies that oversee the industry.

In the 1980s we were among the very first mitigation contractors to include pressure monitoring devices on every system to insure that homeowners would always be aware of each systems proper functioning.

We have always followed every installation with a 48 hour retest, and since the early 90's all of our installations are monitored for the first full year of their operation with a yearlong alpha track test kit to insure that each mitigation is validated over the long term. This is a testing protocol that unmatched in the industry.

During the 1990s we moved to provide the most comprehensive guaranty offered anywhere in the Industry. All mechanical parts in the system are 100% guaranteed for a full five years.

In addition all Radon Removal Systems carry a lifetime guaranty on materials, workmanship, and the systems ability to maintain radon gas levels at or below the EPA target for indoor air.

Our Warranty is property specific - which means it is made out to the property and not the homeowner so that it is fully transferable upon any subsequent home sale. You can examine a sample of our warranty here .




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